Top 12 Short Cryptic Riddles


1.They make the last, the first.
But not even looking at the second and the third.
They fix other things before windup.
Afterall they can see the ending.
Check the answer here:
-The last letter of alphabet :Z. -Position: the first
-Not even = Odd= OD -Position: the second and third.
-Other things= Inter Alia= IA. -Position :Before the last.
-See--> sounds like/homophone-->C -Position : The ending/the last
< Z OD IA C>

2.Too many tears before gathering info from foe.
Check the answer here:
Answer: Crispy
Too many tears: Cry
Gathering info from foe:Spy
Cry Spy-->Crispy

3.Recipe: at last be last step, cook in oil.
Check the answer here:
Last : End
Cook in Oil: Fry
Fry End-->Friend

4.We come here to talk about revervse osmosis.
Check the answer here:
Answer: METRO
Come here to to talk: MEET
Reverse Osmosis : RO

5.As Adam's wife, I need break a moment
Check the answer here:
Adam's wife : EVE
Break a moment : REST

6.One and only because it was zero degree
Check the answer here:
One and only : JUST
Zero degree: ICE

7.See what do you wear on your head
Check the answer here:
Answer: CHAT
You wear on your head : HAT

8.A donkey behind another donkey
I'm behind that second donkey
And whole nation is behind me.
Check the answer here:
The other name of donkey is ASS
an ASS behind another ASS: ASS ASS
I'm behind the second donkey:ASS ASS I
And whole nation is behind me: ASS ASS I NATION

9.If you forward me , I'm so heavy .
If you backward me, I'm not.
Check the answer here:
Answer: TON/NOT

10.What king can you make if you take
the head of a lamb
the middle of a pig
the hind of a buffalo
and the tail of a dragon ?
Check the answer here:
Answer: LION
The head of the lamb: L
The middle of a pig:I
The hind of a buffalo:O
The tail of a dragon :N

11.I jump in the water
What is my job?
Chek the answer here:
Answer: Waiter
I jump in the water--> Wa I ter

12.Start with water
End with water
Fastest stick of clocks is essential
Rest in hell
Check the answer here:
Answer: Hello
- Start with water(H2O)-->H
-End with water ( H2O)-->O
-Fastest stick of clock-->Second (2nd)..essential---->E
-Rest in heLL
Start(1st letter): H
2nd letter: E
Last letter: O
The rest letter: LL


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