Hanjie Puzzle


Hanjie puzzles are logical picture puzzles, also sometimes known as Griddler puzzles, Nonogram puzzles, Pic-a-Pix puzzles, Picross puzzles or Paint by Number puzzles as well as several other less common names.
Correctly solving a Hanjie puzzle reveals a hidden work of art, which you can also use to help confirm that you are on the 'correct path' as you solve.

How to solve Hanjie puzzles
A Hanjie puzzle consists of a rectangular grid with one or more clues for each row and column of the puzzle. Clues for each row are at the left of the puzzle; clues for columns are at the top. Each set of clues tells you about the shaded squares in its row or column. These sets of clues are all that you need to solve the entire puzzle.  The example solved puzzle on the left shows how the clues work. Rows or columns with only a single number clue, such as for example "1" or "5" in the puzzle on the left, reveal that there are that many consecutive shaded squares somewhere in that row/column. Other squares in the row/column must be empty.
When there are multiple numbers in a clue, there are multiple groups of consecutive shaded squares with at least one unshaded square between each set. For example, "2  1" would mean that there are 2 consecutive shaded squares, a gap of one or more empty squares, then 1 more shaded square. Any other squares in the row/column are unshaded. The order of the numbers tells you the order of the shaded sets.

Every Hanjie puzzle has only one possible solution, and you can reach that solution via reasonable logical deduction. Guessing is never required. It's not necessary to use the picture to help you solve the puzzle, although it can certainly give you a good hint that you might have made a mistake if it doesn't seem to be coming out correctly!

Hanjie puzzles on puzzlemix appear at a wide range of sizes and difficulties.


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