Historical Riddle


1.Don't you know, about a century ago, there was a stunning event happened? Though the publication of it made an academic controversy, it must be one of the most mysterious discovery ever! After being buried for about 2000 years, they were initially discovered by the shepperds. Not all of them could be identified, since they were found in poor conditions. In the 'magical' caves, they were  discovered with religious and linguistic mysteries hidden in them.  A treasure also be found at the same sites.  The archaelogs derived their name from their discovery sites. I thought they had a salty taste (Lol). Can you identify their name?

The Death Sea Scroll
The Dead Sea Scrolls were written between the first and third centuries B.C. They were hidden in 11 caves in the Judean desert on the shores of the Dead Sea in 68 B.C. to protect them from approaching Roman armies. They were not unearthed again until 1947, when a Bedouin shepherd of the Ta'amra tribe threw a rock in a cave and realized something lay inside.

2.During WWII, there was a bridge connecting Germany and Switzerland and on the German side
there was a sentry tower with a guard in it. He would come out every three minutes to check on
the bridge and he had orders to turn back anyone who tried to get into Germany and shoot
anyone trying to escape without a pass. There was a woman who desperately needed to get into
Switzerland and she knew she didn't have time to get a pass. It would take her at least six
minutes to cross the bridge but she managed to do it. How?

She took a backward step.


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