Saddest Valentines Moment.


14021884-->14 February 1884
Decode the rest using ASCII table.

 You'll get;


On Valentine's Day of 1884, just 36 hours after the birth of their only daughter, Alice, 25-year-old future U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt held his young wife in his arms as she passed away from undiagnosed Bright's disease. Incredibly, just hours before, in the same house, he had already said a final goodbye to his mother, Martha. She had succumbed to Typhoid, aged just 48.
Theodore's diary for that day read as follows.
Alice Roosevelt died in New York on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1884, on the fourth anniversary of their engagement, from Bright’s disease, and childbirth complications. She was 22 years old. (On the same day and in the same house, Roosevelt’s mother, Martha “Mittie” Bulloch Roosevelt also died, of typhoid fever.) T.R. was so distraught by Alice’s death that except for a diary entry (“The light has gone out of my life”) he hardly ever spoke of her again. In a short privately published tribute to Alice, Roosevelt wrote:

"She was beautiful in face and form, and lovelier still in spirit; As a flower she grew, and as a fair young flower she died. Her life had been always in the sunshine; there had never come to her a single sorrow; and none ever knew her who did not love and revere her for the bright, sunny temper and her saintly unselfishness. Fair, pure, and joyous as a maiden; loving , tender, and happy. As a young wife; when she had just become a mother, when her life seemed to be just begun, and when the years seemed so bright before her—then, by a strange and terrible fate, death came to her. And when my heart’s dearest died, the light went from my life forever."

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