5 Deductions From Sherlock Season 4

The BBC Sherlock Holmes season 4 teaser featured plenty of tense action and mysterious clues of what's to come in the upcoming series. And you might not have noticed everything that happened. So, let's take a closer look to see what you could deduce in the Sherlock Season 4 teaser.

1. 'Get Out Of My House, You Reptile'
Mrs.Hudson seems to have changed in the new season, or is it just within the circumstances? Always protective of her boys John and Sherlock, she is bound to get a little angry when someone brings pain to them. Who would have thought that it would be Mycroft Holmes, the loving sibling of Sherlock, who risked his career to protect his little brother? Though he does have his moments that are not quite cordial, how much of a reptile can Mycroft really be? He did once let his brother be beat to a pulp despite the fact he could have stopped it at any time though ("The Empty Hearse"). 

2. Bill Wiggins
When Sherlock went undercover in a drug den as Shezza, Bill Wiggind came out of the den with him . The seemingly innocent Wiggins was a surprisingly intellectual druggy with impressive powers of deduction.
This lead many fans to believe that Bill is the third Holmes brother that was mentioned by Mycroft in "His Last Vow."

3. Who's In The Hospital?
One of the first things seen in the teaser is someone standing in front of a hospital bed. Based on the silhouette we can easily rule out most of the characters, leaving Martin Freeman's John Watson as the most plausible figure in front of the bed. Now, who could be the mysterious person laying in the bed?

It could be Sherlock, especially if the series takes inspiration from The Adventure of the Dying Detective. In this tale, Sherlock dupes Culverton Smith into believing he poisoned the Sherlock Holmes.

It would also be interesting if it's Mary Watson. John loves her more than anyone else, so it would be particularly tough on the character for her to fall ill or get hurt.

4. The Return Of The Swimming Pool

We remember that Moriarty made his first appearance by threatening John's life at a swimming pool. Now, yet again, Sherlock finds himself at a pool in the dark to meet whom? Maybe Moriarty.
In recent set pictures, actor Andrew Scott was scene walking across a beach from his helicopter. Though this could be a flashback, the reappearance of a pool leads one to wonder, maybe he is back.

Blonde to brunette?
In the trailer, Mary Watson can be seen in a scarf with a gun, and a new hairdo.
What could this mean?

As we know from His Last Vow, Mary also known as "A.G.R.A.," Mary was a past CIA agent. So, now with a gun in hand, one can only imagine what this could suggest. Maybe we get a A.G.R.A. flashback as we learn more about Mary past.

Maybe the big villainous showdown brings a little A.G.R.A. back into play as she fights for Sherlock and Watson.


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2 Responses to "5 Deductions From Sherlock Season 4"

  1. If Bill Wiggins was the third Holmes, that'd mean he'd have been 'thrown out' of the Holmes family at a very young age if even his own brothers and his own parents (he spends Christmas at the Hommes's in HLV) don't recognize him. Doesn't make much sense to me...

  2. I’ve seen a lot of replies to this saying that Bill can’t be the third Holmes boy because Momma Holmes didn’t recognize him.
    1.He grew up
    If his parent gave him up as a baby they could easily not realize it was him because some people do grow up and end up looking nothing like their baby picture.
    2.Drugs can wreak hell on a person’s appearance. It’s perfectly believable that Bill doesn’t look like Sherlock and Mycroft because he has used drugs to the point of being unrecognizable.
    I know there are a lot of theories out there, but this is the one I think has the most proof and what I’m going with for now.