Top 3 John Watson Jumpers

Best Jumper #1

Hand Knitted Lopapeysa Karlakor Jumper
As worn by John in A Scandal in Belgravia
Hand knitted using pattern 7806A from Reynolds New Icelandic Fashions for Men and Women, Vol. 78. 38-40” chest. Navy, red, and cream Lopi yarn.

Best Jumper #2

The cable-knit jumpers were from a little modern up-to-date shop off Carnaby Street - I cannot remember the name. It was another little find - it had that homely, slightly army-ish feel. Initially with Martin, we went to a big high street department store. I'd never met him before and didn't realise that Martin himself was very stylish - very subtle, but he wears clothes so well. As soon as he walked in the door, I knew we were in the wrong place."
- Sarah Arthur, Sherlock Costume Designer

Best Jumper #3


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