Istanbul Bombing, Why?


The real question here is ... who is reponsible for the attack on the airport in Turkey. There are a few scenarios roaming through the heads of the people in power ... but ... are any of them correct?

In my head ... My Angel always tells me to tackle a mystery with logic ... so ... here comes the logical!

There's a lot of logic in all my possibilties ... such as this payback for shooting down that Russian jet, and killing it's pilot? If you think about ... attacking an airport in Turkey can be seen as payback. You shoot down my airplane ... I shoot up your airport! Sounds logical to me! And ... something that points to that as being an act of revenge is that Turkey apologized for shooting down that Russian jet ... after their airport was hit!  What do you think ... is it a worthy scenario? It is the only scenario that makes sense ... especially when no terrorist group is taking credit for the hit ... and, considering that one of the men responsible for the attack is Russian.

Am I saying this scenario is the answer? No, because it is only a strong possibility, and has not been proven. Remember ... I deal with possibilities that are strong and logical.

I had a second scenario ... saying that Turkey could have done this to themselves ... but, then ... why apologize to Russia? Well ... the apology could have been made to make the world think that Turkey believed that Russia did attack Turkey. Keep in mind that everyone lies ... especially when it come to politicians!

The thing to remember is that no terrorist group is taking credit for the hit!   YET!

- Billie Love


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