By: Sir Alan

There was once a detective who considered himself the greatest detective in the world. His name was Cumberbund. He had a comical sidekick named Martin.

Cumberbund was so fond of reading Sherlock Holmes stories that he dressed like him sometimes and called his helper Martin by the name of Watson. Whenever he had a case, he would ignore the suspects' real names and use names from the Sherlock Holmes stories.

In spite of these peculiarities, he did occasionally solve crimes.

So on the day in question, Cumberbund and Martin rushed into the room where the old man lay dead. Cumberbund whipped out his magnifying glass and began examining every square millimeter of the room. It was almost completely bare except for the bed and the dead man ...

And one tiny little sliver of white cardboard about an inch long and less than a quarter inch wide which laying on the floor beside the bed.

There seem to be a small blood stain on the cardboard.

Being a thorough detective, Cumberbund carefully turned the cardboard over and looked at the other side. There were four stripes at one end -- three parallel and one at right angles to the others. At the other end was the blood.  There was writing in between which spelled out:

    @ejln HonoL3NO

Or something like that ...

Acting quickly and decisively, Cumberbund whipped out his American Basic Science Course blood test kit and determined that the blood on the strip of cardboard matched that of the old man laying dead on the bed.

About that time the police showed up, having been called by Martin. Cumberbund showed them the tiny piece of cardboard which was the only clue.

Cumberbund deduced that the murderer was a left handed club-footed grocer with orange hair and a wart on the side of his nose.

Police Inspector Abhishek deduced something entirely different and announced his solution to the mysterious death.

☆ ☆ ☆

Your task is to deduce who was right, the consulting detective or the police inspector. You must give evidence to support your opinion. And what was the true cause of death?

The game is a foot.

☆ ☆ ☆
The blood could have been from his finger. From which he tests his blood sugar levels!!

He died from diabetes , peacefully in his sleep.

This was just a normal guy with diabetes who had dropped one of his test strips sometime in the last week.

.Cumberbund thought he was the greatest detective in the world. He thought he was Sherlock Holmes.

But he isn't.

    @ejln HonoL3NO --> One Touch Ultra


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