Sherlook Guide : 5 Steps To Look Like Sherlock Holmes

From the  beginning, BBC Sherlock had a very specific visual iconography that instantly set it apart from any previous incarnation of the great detective. Chief among that was the look of its protagonist, with the slightly unruly mop of hair atop Benedict Cumberbatch’s head in counterpoint to the long silhouette of a heavy overcoat.

Below are 5 Steps How To Look Like Sherlock Holmes

Step #1
Buy expensive tailored clothing that only sort of fits so that most of the time your buttons appear to be just seconds from bursting.

Dolce and Gabbana Main-line Dress Shirtin 100% cotton and slim fit. Although Sherlock wears several different shirts throughout the series, it appears to be 'THE Purple Shirt', which has captured people's imaginations - and happens to be the most costly of his dress shirts too.

"I did have a couple of Spencer Hart shirts, but they were mostly from the mainline Dolce collection. Again, Benedict is very slim - we needed that silhouette, so that if he was sitting in the flat, I didn't want loads of fabric bulging out. Those Dolce shirts just suited his body - I didn't want anything too unusual or flamboyant. They were classic with a little lilac pinstripe."

- Sarah Arthur, Sherlock Costume Designer

Step #2
Get a Belstaff coat and blue scarf. 

The Belstaff Milford, is actually the sole piece of costume retained for the character from the original 2009 Pilot episode, as chosen by original costume designer Ray Holman and kept on by Sarah Arthur.
Amended with distinctive red button holes to add a splash of colour, three coats were originally purchased for use onscreen, one for Benedict Cumberbatch, one for stunt work, and one in reserve.

Step #3
Stop Eating, gotta get those cheekbone sharp enough to cut butter.

Irene Adler: Oh, look at those cheekbones. I could cut myself slapping that face. Would you like me to try? 

Benedict Cumberbatch: 'We like nothing better than buffing our Zygoma (the bony arch of the cheek formed by connection of the zygomatic and temporal bones/cheek bone)
And imagining a horny time traveling long overcoat purple scarf wearing super-sleuth nordic legend f--- fantasy. Get to work on that, internet.' "

Grow your hair slightly longish, if it isnt naturally wavy (poor you), wear curlers to bed every night.

Play up being smarter than everyone, develop some obvious insecurities.
Forget social skills if you happen to have any.


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