What Is the Difference Between Rebus and Nimbus?


By: Danish Ahsen

A rebus is combination of multiple pictures to get a word or letter from any picture and join them. It contains encryption as well, periodic table, roman numbers, soundslike words are commonly used in rebus.
In rebus must contains the appropriate picture. The picture itself can have multiple synonyms but it's upto creator how does he/she taking it.

Also rebus should not contains those words which are not familiar to most of the people. The answer should be common, common word, phrase or anything but commonly known to everybody.

So that everybody from the world can understand and can answer. It should not be bound with specific group of people.

Sample Rebus:

awesome rebus
A Rebus By David Setiawan
 500-->Roman Numeral-->D
Mc^2-->Einstein's Equation--> E
52-->Periodic Table--> The
7-->Musical Note-->To
XXII-->Alphabet--> V
Dot-->Morse Code-->E


A Nimbus. It contains one image, with multiple objects, the answer can be derived from those objects, a robot holding a newspaper (information technology ) because a robot represents technology and newspaper is the source of information.
Now here is the hardest part when you put any image with lot of objects, here you can go with guesses.

Nimbus also has some encryption involved. We can also use periodic table, roman numbers, anagram and soundslike words in nimbus as well.

Sample Nimbus:
A Nimbus by Ariel Lauz

The Big fat zombie is eating brains
Big Eat Brains -->Big= XL
XL Eat Brains--> X L Eat Brains
X-->Roman Numeral-->Ten
Ten L Eat Brains-->Sounds like -->Ten Elite Brains
Ten Elite Brains-->anagram--> Albert Einstein

Answer: Albert Einstein.


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