Top 5 Interesting #Setlock Season 4

Fans have waited years for the return of Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes  and, so far, show co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have been awfully selfish about giving fans a few information about the upcoming episodes. Good thing, Twitter’s #setlock has been feeding avid viewers their dose of the consulting detective and his blogger best friend.

People have been following the Sherlock crew as they’ve been filming on location causing tons of pictures and video to leak out all across the Internet, There’s been some debate about whether it’s ethical to reblog or share these images since apparently Benedict Cumberbatch had asked some people to stop tweeting and taking pictures.

Sherlock fans have changed the way we make the show says Mark Gatiss
#Setlock, has led to a deliberate reduction in the number of extended outdoor scenes

When they were filming , the most famous Sherlock moment so far – the detective's plunge from the roof of St Bart's Hospital – It was filmed multiple times, with various red herrings thrown in, in order to avoid the real solution being leaked.
Gatiss and series co-creator Steven Moffat even made tongue-in-cheek reference to fans' obsession by including the fake "solutions" to Sherlock's death-defying escapade in the episode.

Below are Top 5 Interesting #Setlock Season 4

Moriarty is back?

Moriarty is back on "Sherlock" Season 4 and it's not just a rumor this time around. The villain, who was shown to have shot himself in earlier seasons, seemed alive and well, as Andrew Scott, the actor who plays the character, was spotted on the set.

 Is Moriarty really back from the dead or is this meant to depict something else?

In fact, photos and videos of Moriarty from a helicopter by the beach have been making the rounds on Twitter to prove that the character is back in action.

Whether this means Moriarty is actually alive on "Sherlock" remains uncertain, however. While there have been plenty of rumors that Andrew Scott will still be part of "Sherlock" Season 4, his participation still remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Wales Online reports that the location shoot with Andrew Scott happened at St. Catherine's Island where a Moriarty flag could be seen from afar.

2. #Setlock - Lady in red

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