5 Facts You Might Did Not Know About Mrs.Hudson

Fact No.1 Run a Drug Cartel

Fact No.2 Semi Reformed- Alcoholic

Fact No.3 Former Exotic Dance

Fact No.4 Mrs. Hudson ship Johnlock harder than you.

Fact No.5 Pressure Point:Marijuana

Once married, Mrs. Hudson and her husband bought a house. However it had black mould all over the walls. At some unknown time, the couple moved to Florida in the United States. Mrs. Hudson became involved with her husband's drug cartel, including typing for the organisation. She also became an exotic dancer.

We’ve never had an alcoholic, marijuana smoking, exotic dancing and phone in bra hiding Mrs Hudson before.

This Mrs Hudson had a husband who treat her so appallingly that she was glad he was executed. This Mrs Hudson hides phones in her bra to protect her tenants. She gives these men food and shelter and comfort despite the danger to herself (and you know this is not the first, nor the last time Mrs Hudson has been threatened) because she loves and respects them fiercely, and she is loved and respected just as fiercely in return. Sherlock will defend her to his death.

England would fall if Mrs.Hudson leave Baker Street...


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