Did the Empty Hearse Answer Anything?


So like many obsessed Downtonians and Shelockians (or Cumber... hmmm -we will go with Collectives ) I sat down this past Sunday for a double feature. Why PBS can't air the same times as the BBC, I am sure has something to do with BBC's Socialist set up that if you do not pay them directly you will have to wait.

The foremost question that was hanging in the air was of course... how did Sherlock survive?!!! (Personally I was more curious as to who the new villain to replace Moriarty will be... still unknown by the way. Insert sad face). To that end Moffat and Gatiss did not disappoint. We got the answer in the opening scene! Moriarty's body was used as an substitute for Sherlocks! No wait that was one of Anderson's hair brained theory. Which I was happy to have ripped to shreds. As Andrew Scott (Moriarty) was much shorter than Sherlock. Not to mention that kiss with Molly?! Come on Sherlock is Asexual. Get over it all ready.

So what did happen? Not sure yet, but as we are reintroduced to each characters we do get a glimpse into what we already know-Sherlock is alive and well. But what has kept him so busy for 2 years and given him no rest from the grave? Well someone had to clean up Moriarty's network. And as fans are now more concerned with how Sherlock will break the news to Watson we get a little less concerned with how he faked his death. 
Nor did this disappoint. Sherlock must inform Watson he is alive.

And to do so Sherlock must do it of course in the most inappropriate way, at the most inappropriate time. Bungling up Watson own marriage proposal. Nor is Watson delighted as Sherlock supposed. Rather Watson seems hell bent in sending Sherlock to the grave he thought him in. Even when Sherlock starts to explain the truth to John as to how he faked his death. John instead interrupt him and tell Sherlock how dumb he is and attempt another attack on Sherlock's life.

Sherlock's other cohorts seem to take him being alive a bit more in stried. Though Mrs. Hudson screams her head off. I think it would have been more keeping with Gatis and Moffat's love of vintage cinema, to have Mrs. Hudson take one glimpse of Sherlock and the next thing we see is some bagging stockings and worn heels flying up in the air as the veenerable Mrs. Hudson faints dead away. (Irony intended) So now that John Watson has been informed that Sherlock is indeed in the land of the living-how did he not die?!!

And it is Here!!! Right here is where Gatis amd Moffat's real brilliance comes to play. Gatis and Moffat literally let Sherlock's fans spout their own theories. In another quickly discredited flash back as to how Sherlock survied. The viewers are introduced to Anderson's Empty Hearse Conspiracy group and real life fan Sharon Rooney.

Rooney's own blog "My Mad Fat Diary" has played its own part in answering the question as to how Sherlock has survived. Fans and their blogs have what made Sherlock so popular and Gatis and Moffat are smart to cpitalize and combine fans with their favorite shows.

In fact by the time we get the official version from Sherlock's own lips, to no less than Anderson himself. Viewers have been given so many versions and theories that is feels like Moffat and Gatis took every hair brain theory that has been bouncing around the internet for the last two years and crammed them into this one espiode. So it is quite understandable that Anderson says exactly what the audience themselves are thinking..,-why are you telling me all this?"

Well to that end Gatis and Moffat did exactly what we love them for- misdirection, witty repartee, action, and thought. So in response to my question the Empty Hearse really did not answer anything except that Sherlock is indeed back. Plus leaving the audience with yet another mystery and enough material for fans to blog and hypothesis for another two years.

Oh and we did at least get to glimpse the eyes of Sherlock's new advisary...

Quick side note: Did you spot the other cameo's? Or the reference to Doyle's other stories Sherlock Holmes stories?

The other cameo's were from Derren Brown (whose own solution was a bit too slow witted for my taste. And from Cumberbatch's own two real life parents a cameo as to who could have spawned Sherlock and Mycroft.

A few of the stories referrenced were the "Speckled Band" and "The Adventures of the Empty House" and "The Locked Room Mystery"

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