If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman


Sherlock Holmes was her name.
A twenty-four years old female from London in a broken home since birth. Her mother was a heroin addict and would often inject herself while young Sherlock watched. The smell of cooked heroin always made her curious. It was such a bittersweet thing.. Her mother seemed much happier after taking it, but it would make her so very sick and she'd even sell her daughter's toys in order to get the money needed.

Sherlock was an absolute genius, though. With an IQ of above 115 at the age of fourteen, she'd often try to impress her mother with complex math and experiments, all of which did not impress her. No, she was gone too far in her own delusions, her own world. And despite her intelligence, she couldn't hep but succumb to the temptation of joining her mother's different reality.. Sherlock was addicted to heroin at the age of fourteen.

When she turned twenty-four, however, Sherlock overdosed, since her dealer had given her an over concentrated dose. Holmes' father had enough. Wanting his daughter back on her feet, the man took care of Sherlock until she recovered entirely, then hired Dr. Watson as her sober companion. Holmes was neither pleased or displeased about that.

Holmes works as a 'consulting detective' with Scotland Yard to help them solve crimes. With an IQ of now 140, it was no wonder they'd want her to help. And some would even dare to say that the drugs damaged her.

With her connection to Scotland Yard, she was allowed in the morgue to verify bodies and experiment on bodies (legally, of course) and record the results.
Mr. Holmes was the one that greeted his daughter's sober companion at the front of the hospital as they were supposed to.  He lead Dr. Watson inside, to find Sherlock  currently removing an eyeball from the eye socket of a corpse. Mr. Holmes would gag if he didn't have any self-control.
''Sherlock.. This is Doctor (y/c's name) Watson.. Your sober companion.''

Sherlock clicked her tongue, grey eyes darting over to the doctor before her, examining her.
''Afghanistan or Iraq?''

(By: Hunter Scott Castellanos)

Actually there is a book, a short play comedy book by Samuel French titled " If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman"


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