Sherlock: A Study in Spanish Plume


Forecasters:"Parts of Britain could see temperatures rise to 30C (86F) at the weekend because of a so-called "Spanish Plume".
The Express:" Spanish plume to send temperatures rocketing!
Daily Mail “Spanish plume will bring Britain’s hottest August for 13 years”.

A Spanish Plume (Penacho Ibérico in Spanish and Spaanse Pluim in Dutch)is a weather situation in which a large southwards dip in the high altitude jet stream develops to the west of Europe encouraging a deep southerly wind flow. This drives hot and humid air from Iberia north and north-east into northern Europe, including the British Isles. This meteorological pattern can lead to extreme high temperatures and intense rainfall during the summer months, with potential for flash flooding, damaging hail storms and tornado formation.

While we are loathe to pour cold water on your best laid sunbathing and BBQ plans, When you are thinking about everything you need to make this 'Spanish Plume' all that you want it to be, sun bathing ,charcoal and BBQs to ice cold beer...

We’re sorry to say there are no Spanish plumes heading for these here shores.
Met Office forecaster Alex Burkhill confirmed the temperature rise will come thanks to warm air from France, but stated: “A Spanish plume is looking very unlikely. It is not a Spanish plume set up, it would be wrong to use that term.”

A Met Office spokesman said: "We've seen some very potent thunderstorms and they will continue to rumble on through the coming hours.
Forecasters also say the Spanish Plume can create a risk of tornadoes - but there is a low chance of that this weekend.

Burkhill points out a heatwave is characterised by five consecutive days of weather at least 5°C above the average temperatures for that time of year – a phenomenon unlikely to occur in Britain over the next week.

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