Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Behind The Scene

Behind the scene #1
The first cut of the scene in which Watson is flabbergasted at Janine’s appearance made him look as if he was jealous of Sherlock, which wasn’t the desired effect.

Behind the scene #2
Moffat and Gatiss promise that Mrs Hudson assuming Watson’s new relationship is with a man is “the last hurrah for this joke because it’s getting very boring.” Gatiss says, “There’s a logic problem here in that Mrs Hudson does have plenty of evidence now that John isn’t gay and yet always comes back to the idea that he is. She just wills it to happen.”

Behind the scene #3
Originally, the script for the scene in which Janine visits Sherlock in hospital had them making friends at the end and making a deal to get together if neither had found anyone else by the age of sixty. In that script, Sherlock told Janine to “keep the bee hives” at the cottage in Sussex she’s buying with her tabloid kiss-and-tell money (a reference to Doyle’s character’s literary retirement home), but it was cut because it .

Behind the scene #4
Gatiss tried to persuade Moffat that Mycroft should have secret gadgets and information contained inside his umbrella, but the idea was rejected as it “would have made it a different show.”

Behind the scene #5
To keep people guessing about the solution to Sherlock’s fall, they shot a fake scene where Mycroft and Moriarty (wearing Sherlock’s Belstaff coat) come out of St. Bart’s hospital, shake hands and depart. Jeremy Lovering, who directed The Empty Hearse, tried to put that scene in the episode but was overruled.

Behind the scene #6
In the two years after The Reichenbach Fall, the telephone box outside St Bart’s hospital became a shrine to Sherlock Holmes, and was filled with notes and messages left by fans, all of had to be removed by the production team prior to filming The Empty Hearse.

Behind the scene #7
Moffat used the same rhyme Moriarty says in the padded cell: “It’s raining, it’s pouring, Sherlock is boring” in his 2007 TV series Jekyll, in which Mr Hyde leaves a message on Mr Jackman’s Dictaphone saying “It’s raining, it’s pouring, Jackman is boring.” He was unaware of having re-used the line.

Behind the scene #8
As many spotted, the plan code name ‘Lazarus’ wasn’t just a reference to the biblical story of Lazarus returning from the dead, but also to the name of Mark Gatiss’ Professor character in Doctor Who episode The Lazarus Experiment.

Behind the scene #9
Martin Freeman hated the moustache John Watson wore in The Empty Hearse. Moffat remembers the post-read-through meeting about The Empty Hearse being repeatedly interrupted by Freeman “marching over wearing a different moustache, and say, slightly bad-temperedly, ‘what about this one?’ and we’d say ‘yeah that’s lovely’ and he’d say ‘I don’t like it’ and he’d go storming off again!” “He hated it”, remembers Gatiss. “But I’m a sex symbol”, Gatiss remembers Freeman complaining.

Behind the scene #10
The production team has had several summer coats made for Sherlock as an alternative to his Belstaff winter coat, but they are always rejected because, in the words of Steven Moffat, “He has to wear the coat. He always wears the coat”.


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